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Normally townblocks are claimed around the home block, always connected to the town. To claim a townblock out in the wilderness, a mayor or assistant must claim an outpost.

In order for players to claim outposts, the config must be set to allow_outposts: true and players require towny.town.claim.outpost in their permission node group.

The outpost list can be viewed by using /town outpost list command.

An admin can configure how many outposts a player can claim, this is set in your permissions plugin’s info/option/meta node section using the towny_maxoutposts: {number} info node. See here.

An admin can also set a number of residents required by a town before they can claim outposts, using the minimum_amount_of_residents_in_town_for_outpost setting. By default there is no resident requirement.

Outposts cannot be claimed too close to other home blocks, just like when a mayor starts a town they cannot be too close. The exact number is set in the config.yml at min_distance_from_town_homeblock: 5. In the default setting an outpost cannot be claimed within 5 townblocks of any other homeblock.

Outposts have two settings in config.yml

  • By setting allow_outposts: false you can disable outposts completely.
  • You can also set the cost of claiming an outpost with price_outpost: 500.0

Outposts can be teleported to, mayors set the spawn point of the outpost when they claim it or using ‘/town set outpost’. Players teleport to the outpost using ‘/town outpost x’ (with x being a number 1 – however many outposts the town has.)