Plot Types

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Players can use ‘/town plots {townname}’ to view the counts of various plot types in a town.

Towny post-0.75 has added plot types besides the default. This is to give mayors more control over their towns.

As of now there are:

Default Plots

These plots do not need any specific command to be designated.
They are put up for sale with /plot forsale {$$}.
A plot which is not of default type can be reset to a default plot with /plot set reset.

Shop Plots

Shop plots are designated with /plot set shop
A mayor can use /town set shopprice {$$} to set how much shop plots are sold at by default. This can be overriden when a mayor puts the actual plot up for sale with /plot forsale {$$}.
A mayor can also charge an additional shoptax with /town set shoptax {$$}. This tax is charged in addition to the normal plottax.

Arena Plots

Arena plots are designated with /plot set arena.
PVP is on all the time in arena plots as well as friendly-fire damage. Town health regen is also disabled in arena plots.

Embassy Plots

Embassy plots are designated with /plot set embassy
A mayor can use /town set embassyprice {$$} to set how much embassy plots are sold at by default. This can be overriden when a mayor puts the actual plot up for sale with /plot forsale {$$}.
A mayor can also charge an additional embassytax with /town set embassytax {$$}. This tax is charged in addition to the normal plottax.
An embassy plot can be bought by any player, whether they are in a town or not. The townblock remains owned by the host-town and a mayor from the host-town can take the plot from the owner at any time.
Embassy plots can also be changed into shop plots, allowing for larger shop towns, where many different towns’ players can set up shops.
When a player leaves a town they do not lose ownership of their plots if those plots are set to be Embassy plots.

Wilds Plots

Wilds plots are designated with /plot set wilds
A wilds plot allows residents to destroy the blocks found on the wild ignore ID list. This includes ores, trees, flowers, mushrooms and other harvestable blocks by default. It does not include stone, dirt, grass and other terrain blocks.
It is useful for creating tree farms, and protecting the terrain around a town, while still allowing residents to cut trees and explore caves.
Setting up wilds plots can be slightly complex, here are instructions.

  1. Navigate to your towny\data\worlds\WORLDNAME.txt file
  2. Set:
    • unclaimedZoneBuild=false
    • unclaimedZoneDestroy=false
  3. Configure the unclaimedZoneIgnoreIds line to include the blocks you would like players to break/build.
  4. Go to the Wilds plots you can set using /plot set wilds
  5. Use ‘/plot set perm resident build on’ and ‘/plot set perm resident destroy on’ to enable residents to break/build using only the blocks in the ignoreIDs list.

You can also set allies or outsiders perms if you want non-town-members to use the Wilds plots.

Inn Plots

Inn plots are designated with /plot set inn
An Inn plot allows anyone to use a bed to set their ‘/res spawn’ and spawn on death. The Inn plot will still deny a player who is in a nation declared as an enemy by your nation.
For them to function deny_bed_use: ‘true’ must be set in the config.yml

Jail Plots

Jail plots are designated with /plot set jail

  • Players can become jailed if:
    • The player’s mayor/sheriffs send them to jail.
    • An attacker who attacks a town which considers him an Enemy (Nation-relationship) dies in that Town. He is sent to the first available Jail plot of the defending town.
  • Jailed players become unjailed if:
    • they leave their town and become a nomad,
    • the mayor/sheriff unjails them,
    • the player pays a bail amount to the town which jailed them, (using: /resident jail paybail)
    • they manage to escape the jail plot and the town and get into Wilderness.
  • Jailed players cannot teleport.
  • Jailed players cannot use Ender Pearls unless enabled in the config.
  • Jailed players who die are sent back to their prescribed jail plot.
  • Jailed players do not give monetary payouts when they are killed.
  • Jailed players show their jailed status in the /res [playername] screen, along with the town they are jailed in.
  • It is suggested you make a new town rank in the townyperms.yml called Sheriff, and give that rank the node. Newly generated townyperms.yml files will contain this rank by default.

Farm Plots

Farm plots are designated with /plot set farm

A Farm plot players to only build/destroy blocks designated in the Towny Config.yml at global_town_settings.farm_plot_allow_blocks. By default this list includes “LONG_GRASS, DOUBLE_PLANT, YELLOW_FLOWER, RED_ROSE, PUMPKIN_STEM, MELON_STEM, BEETROOT_BLOCK, CARROT, POTATO, CROPS, MELON_BLOCK, PUMPKIN”.

Who can build/destroy these blocks is still determined by the plot’s perm line seen in the /plot perm screen. This means that if B=rao, anyone can plant/place the allowed blocks in the plot. If the B=r– then only town residents can plant/place the allowed blocks.

If admins want, they can add SOIL to the allowed blocks list, which will allow anyone allowed via the perm line to also make soil with a hoe. By default SOIL is not included and only admins/mayors/assistants will be able to create soil with a hoe. Towny already protects soil from being stomped into grass, so soil will only return to dirt if it is not irrigated.

Farm plots also allow town residents to kill animals in the plot. The list of animals is set in the config at global_town_settings.farm_animals. By default this list includes “PIG,COW,CHICKEN,SHEEP,MOOSHROOM”.